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Thaiwala is the latest in drinkable euphoria from the Category 5 hurricane brain of Heather Howitt. You remember Heather. She’s Oregon Chai’s mom, single-handedly responsible for introducing the whole Chai Tea category to the western hemisphere; the high-priestess of the natural, the organic and the holy sustainable; the popular-izer of the whole “concentrate” thing to make preparing complicated teas quick and easy and fuss-proof.


And now Heather, being Heather, has done it again. This time with a Thai tea latte that is insanely good, sourced from a tea farm in northern Thailand whose organic cred is backed by mobs of ecstatic butterflies flitting about. (Short of angels singing, there’s no better endorsement than that.) 


Heather’s taken traditional Thai Iced Tea and crafted a truly unique product with complete transparency and quality: importing that organic, butterfly-endorsed Thai tea, sourcing organic caramel, pure cocoa and cane – even tracking down fresh-cut organic Thai herbs. Fresh cut.
(Let that sink in for a minute.)



The woman is out of her mind. But man, can she make a mean Thai tea latte. 


You need to understand that making Thai tea right is a lot of trouble. Even if you don’t bother to source the best possible ingredients and even if you try to cut corners and use artificial this and processed that, making Thai tea is a convoluted, time-consuming, extremely messy proposition. 


Plus, there are a couple of “secret” ingredients that nobody outside of Thailand seems to bother with. But those little “secrets” are the difference between “meh” and “Did the earth move for you, too?”


And that brings us to Thaiwala: Our new Thai tea latte concentrate. Ready to serve in mere moments. Drink it iced, it will make you ecstatic. Sip it hot, it will make you delirious. 


Thaiwala. Obsessively authentic. Crazy good.