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Portland, Oregon

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It's all about the people.
We have an obsession for Thaiwala 
and a passion for our work. We all have a shared purpose : to make Thaiwala great and to introduce Thaiwala to the world. We work hard but don't take ourselves too seriously. We love what we do and laugh a lot, mostly at ourselves.

ceo & president

Heather Howitt

Former founder and president of Oregon Chai. Not just a visionary but provides her expertise in all areas tea.

She's known to run meetings on the trails of Forest Park.

vp of marketing + creative

Nichole Klaes

Implementing strategic and creative solutions to all things Thaiwala. When Nichole is not telling Thaiwala's story, she is dancing in the  office hallways.

vp of sales - west

Paola Dooly

Our distribution guru: helping to  bring Thaiwala to a national market. Paola is juicing goddess in her spare time.

vp of sales - east


James connects with food service and retailers to spread Thaiwala happiness. James loves his wife and kids almost as much as he loves Thaice.


THAIWALA makes people smile from the first sip to the second cup. Those smiles tell us we have created an elixir of happiness.

This all natural concentrate of organic Thai black tea, organic cane sugar, and a custom herb and spice blend is sure to become your new tea obsession. Flavors of vanilla, pure cocoa, caramel, and a hint of smokiness mingle happily in an authentic taste of Thailand. We love THAIWALA steamed with milk like a latte, or over ice with half and half—try it both ways, or create your own enticing combination.

Thaiwala + BEAST 

Thai tea Crémeux

July 24 - August 4. 


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